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With a long history of tailoring to clients bound for Africa, India and the near East Norton & Sons developed an expertise in lightweight clothing; Lord Carnarvon wore Nortons when he opened Tutankhamen's tomb.

Norton & Sons clothed many of the best dressed men of the last century, including Cary Grant, King George V, and Anthony J Drexel Biddle, the first man to be named America’s Best Dressed Man. The house enjoyed a long association with the famed British Couturier Hardy Amies and to this day Norton & Sons works closely with the fashion industry of London, New York, and Paris, cutting and sewing tailored pieces for long list of celebrated designers.

The Norton & Sons name has only ever been attached to the finest bespoke tailoring. We have no licences anywhere and have just one shop here at 16 Savile Row. Every suit that bears our name is cut and sewn by hand in our workrooms by our team of cutters and tailors. We make fewer than three hundred and fifty suits each year.